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The original restaurant called "Tom George" was re-designed in 2009, when it recieved a new interior design and a whole new cuisine, led by the Italian chef, Sergio Vitti. At TG, the concept was to find a place or medium that has the same materials as an Italian trattoria. The brick, the wood, the leather, and the copper all can be found in a loft. That was the key point that led us back to industrial Italian architecture. The logo for example, looks like an emblem from a train in Mussolini’s times.
TG Italiano represents the glamorous metropolitan style and is dedicated to Italian cuisine with a twist: our kitchen uses international flavours to create a new character. The wine selection is also excellent. The interior mirrors trendy urban bistros with the elegant shades of brown and cream.


Wir streben langjährige Beziehungen zu unseren Kunden und unseren Herstellern an.

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