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Pastel restaurant Tel Aviv



Pastel Restaurant


Tel Aviv




Amit Geron


Alon Baranovich and Irina Kronenberg architects



An Israeli basilica located at the center of the new wing of the Tel Aviv Museum.  The elegant location makes Pastel the new player on the Tel Aviv cultural field, but not only.  The design of the restaurant was won by architects Alon Baranovich and Irina Kronenberg, and is designed as an integral part of the new wing of the museum designed by the American architect Preston Scott Cohen. The roof of the building is sucked in and sculpts the space of the sitting and the bar, while Pastel seems to have passed through a time tunnel and settled in the center of the space, steeped in brasserie style of sitting in upholstered compartments, an ancient wooden floor and deep wine bar surfaces, multicolored marble surfaces and art nouveau lamps of crystal castings and gilded metal.

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