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Attila Nagy


Studio MU


Mindspace, leading provider of coworking spaces with 13 locations all over the globe has opened its first Polish office in Warsaw, Hala Koszyki. The property with 3 floors is over 3000sqm and hosts 460 members. Coworking is a trending style of work for those who work independently or travel frequently and need a place for social gathering, interested in synergy with people working in the same place in a very flexible way. Mindspace Warsaw’s interior and cutting-edge technology provide an upscale coworking environment that inspires those entrepreneurs, SME-s, tech start-ups and freelancers who build their own future and work to make their innovative ideas and projects come to life. Basic Collection provided further momentum to the vibrant working environment delivering furniture and carpets into the office spaces, lounge area, meeting rooms and custom-made furniture forthe kitchen and the reception. All the chosen elements represent a mixture of cosy vintage style and mild modernism that offer inspiring, dynamic and discerning working environment with maximum comfort for the talented individuals and project teams.

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