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Mindspace Berlin



Mindspace co-working office






Bernadett Benkó


Studio MU


It is always a great pleasure to compose the furnishing for Mindspace offices! Besides Munich and Warsaw locations, Basic Collection’s furniture transforms also Berlin office of Mindspace into a cosy environment in order to create a trendy workspace for all those who prefer working in a coworking community. Similar to many large cities in Europe, startups and dynamic small enterprises are flourishing also in Berlin and Mindspace office means inspiring headquarters for them. Along with the other coworking spaces we equipped this modern space as well with new generation office furniture. They fill all the necessary workplace functionalities, while at the same time they are stylish, comfortable and groundbreaking. We chose chairs, elbow chairs, as well as minimalist bar stools, neo-baroque upholstered chairs and downy sofas, arm chairs, playful leg rests and wide range of varied side tables. Who can resist such a colorful working place?

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