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Mendeli Street Hotel



Mendeli Street Hotel


Tel Aviv




Baranowitz + Kronenberg 


The Mendeli Street Hotel was designed with the intention to integrate it as a role player within the ecstatic identity of Tel Aviv: A pan-cultural, warm, welcoming, cheeky, blunt and beating 24/7.

The Mendeli Street Hotel is infused with Tel Aviv’s personality and perfectly fits to the urban vibes of this mediterranean city.

Open since the late sixties, the Mendeli Street Hotel re-opened in November 2013 after a massive renovation and immediatelybecame the hottest hotel in Tel Aviv.

The changer included a complete interior and exterior (66 rooms), including a totally new identity and brandingto position it where it is truly deserved.

Two initial values were set to feed ont he design: The orient and the global, values which they forged and rephrased into „The Gloriental”, a thematic approach that runs throughout the building from top to bottom.

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