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Liberté - Budapest



Liberté Cafe






Lengyel Marci


Liberte Grand Café is situated in the heart of Budapest, close to the Parliament. While the café presents the features of a traditional coffee house, the overall interior has the characteristics of an American diner. Those who come here to start their mornings in style over breakfast would come back during lunch or in the evening only to find a completely different, buzzier atmosphere. 

The designer Lengyel Marci has managed to create an interior with a timeless contemporary elegance. While the design was inspired by typical 70’s American diners, it cleverly uses the advantages of a traditional café which in the case of the Liberte Café showcases the characteristics of an Art Nouveau-styled building. White, brown and blue colours appear in different forms and in different materials, from the leather sofa through to the wooden counter, marble table tops to the wooden sideboard.


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