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Jaffa Tel-Aviv



Yaffo Restaurant


Tel Aviv




Baranowitz + Kronenberg 


Winner of the ait award for 2012 Restaurants and Bars Interior Design. Winner of the Oh-Ha-Itzuv award for 2012 Restaurant Interior Design.

Haim Chen, widely known as a Israel’s first celebrity chef, appointed Baranowitz + Kronenberg architects for the design of his new restaurant in Tel Aviv; „Jaffa Tel-Aviv”.

In Israel many culinary traditions live together. Inspired by their richness, Cohen considers them only as a starting point. With a touch of ingenuity, bearing honesty and subtle simplicity, he brings them to an utterly fresh and inventive level of cuisine. Cohen reinvents the Israeli cuisine, he challenges its traditional on a daily basis, yet he always pays homage to its roots.

Baranowitz + Kronenberg architects started off at the same point as Haim with an aim to represent the spirit of his kitchen. Using simplicity and honesty as a prmer building materials they make use of raw and ordinary finishes, however they are only their starting point.

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