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Hotel Bodrog



Hotel Bodrog Wellness**** 






Attila Nagy


Situated in the historical centre of Sarospatak, Hotel Bodrog Wellness**** has a very rich history. While the management wanted to preserve the heritage, earlier this year they thought it was about time to redecorate the building with a design that follows contemporary trends. It was Zoltan Knapcsek and his team at Zetastudio who helped to bring their vision come to life. They put a lot of emphasis on finding the right furniture items that fit well with the chosen carpets and wall decorations both in terms of shapes and colours. Items provided by Basic Collection seemed to fit well with the proposed interior design. Our Quinny lounge chairs became crucial elements of the lobby; with their shell shapes, the armchairs provide particularly comfortable seating solutions for guests. We furnished the modern and elegant rooms with quilted Da Vinci armchairs, wooden tables and metal chairs upholstered with black fabric.


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