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Eugéne Restaurant



Eugéne Restaurant






Studio Ko


Guests can feel like entering a nice country house at Eugène Restaurant, located in Paris, France. The centred position of the bar reminds of the kitchen counter, the long table of a dining room, and the covered terrace of a detached home’s balcony. Arriving at Eugène means instant idyllic tranquillity, and the feeling of an isolated world where guests can find rest and peace in a wonderland for a few hours. This unique atmosphere has been created by STUDIO KO, whose design concept came to life by Basic Collection’s furniture. And when a dream comes true: now all guests need to do is sitting back in Basic’s chairs and enjoy the homemade flavours and the friendly environment. Our chair model in the restaurant has been chosen for comfort and convenience. Basic’s naturalistic, yet very modern chair model fits perfectly into the interior with wood surfaces and full of green plants. It provides further peculiarity by its seats with interesting patterns. 

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