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Design Week programs of Basic Collection

We are happy to announce that we are celebrating our 10th anniversary on the market along with the 15th anniversary of the iconic events of the Budapest Design Week.

Therefore we contribute to this program with memorable events, presentations.



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Please feel warmly welcomed to participate on our registered-only events by clicking the links below the event descriptions!

In 2018 October in Budapest, Marc Sadler world famous designer will introduce the essence of modern furniture design. During this 3 hours presentation he will discuss expected future design and material trends besides the wide variety of design approaches. He will also provide opportunity to gain insight in his career and the successful cooperation with Metalmobil.

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In 2018 October in Budapest, Marc Sadler designer is going to provide an opportunity for 30 lucky designers and students. On his 3 hours workshop the attendants will be able to meet personally the famous designer and get the opportunity to rethink design boundaries meanwhile creating an innovative, new furniture. The ones who attend will be able to develop their design skills, unleash their imagination and creativity and t gain insight on future design and material trends.

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In October 2018 Studio Mu introduces the design concept and philosophy of the German Mindspace offices (Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg). Attendants also get a deep insight into the core concept and secrets of furnishing co-working spaces. During this 3 hours of presentation participants can get acquainted with the newest trends, most modern offices styles with a taste of a co-working office life.

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