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Bistro Masina



Bistro Masina






György Palkó


FITOUT ZRT (András Pálffy and Tímea Szarka) & MadiLancos Studio


Masina Bistro, in keeping with the industrial style of the FERRUM Office Building, is a community space, restaurant, breakfast room and café, where one enjoys to sit a little longer than planned.

The main goal of the unit, which also has a street entrance on the ground floor of the office building, is to provide elegant business and private meals for the people living and working in the area. The goal is to provide a real experience for our guests. This is ensured by the unique design and furniture of the shop, the special Basic Collection bar stools and atmosphere, the international selection of dishes made from excellent ingredients, and the attentiveness of the service. Whether it’s a business breakfast, a business lunch, an informal friendly chat, or a takeaway daily menu, Masina Bistro strives to satisfy the needs of each customer.

Wir streben langjährige Beziehungen zu unseren Kunden und unseren Herstellern an.

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